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Carly Baar
South Africa
Cape Town
Contact number
084 370 5645
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Why you became a Banting Buddies weight loss coach?
I have always had a passion for nutrition and healthy living. For me this is not just a weight loss program, it is a lifestyle change. I have lost weight through living the LCHF way but I have gained so much more with better health. I wanted to put this passion into a business so that I could help others to achieve their goals too. Banting makes so much sense to me – our parents’ parents used to eat like this and they showed great longevity – we are getting back to basics. Nothing has ever worked for me like Banting does – it is so easy, delicious and completely satisfying and I have seen incredible results in other people too. It is very easy to implement and by making a few tweaks you will notice a huge difference.

How have you personally benefited from Banting?
Weight loss, more energy levels, improved skin and no more cravings. Food is a big part of my life as well as my business and I was a little obsessed with food (like a lot of people are). The food I can eat now satisfies me so I don’t think about food all the time. Banting has exposed me to a whole new world of food that I for so long thought was forbidden because of fears of disease and inflammation. This has all been proven wrong.

Other interests and background info:
I received my diploma in nutrition through Plaskett Nutritional Medicine College about 8 years ago. My passion for nutrition and becoming a mom to my two gorgeous boys Josh and Matthew lead me to opening my own baby and toddler food business called Nutri-Kids. I am now so excited to be able to help the moms and dads gain their health and reach their goal weight.

I am delighted to have done this programme, especially with Carly. For the first time in many years, I feel that there is very real hope for my achieving (and sustaining) both the body I have always wanted and a healthy, sustainable and sensible approach to food. Carly has been supportive, inspiring and truly brilliant in helping me move closer to my goals. She has a wonderful way with people and has been ever-enthusiastic, empathetic and always willing to assist beyond the call of duty. She has helped reprogram my body in a truly liberating way. I have learned so much, had fun doing so and made a solid start on my ‘healthward’-bound journey.Michelle (Tokai)


Our coaching programmes, consultations and support groups are for educational and informational purposes only, and merely seek to help the client understand the Banting approach to eating and weight loss. Banting Buddies coaches do not dispense medical advice, make diagnoses or treat medical conditions. People are to use the information provided by Banting Buddies at their own discretion. Neither the coach nor Banting Buddies can be held liable for any outcome resulting directly or indirectly from the coaching process. If you suffer from a medical condition, it is suggested that you speak to your doctor before starting one of our programmes. The coaching relationship is about you, the client, taking full responsibility for your actions, and your health. Banting Buddies do not guarantee any results.