What drives your eating behaviours?

Article written by Paul Magnuson, our Banting Buddies coach in Pretoria.

We often struggle with eating behaviours as much as food choices.

It may be helpful to consider the things that stimulate us to eat as falling broadly into two camps. I will deal with each in turn. This article should help you to identify the reasons why you eat (hungry or not) and once you have figured this out, you will more effectively avoid the reasons that don’t serve you or your weight loss goals.


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Could you not eat for 24 hours?

Article written by Banting Buddies coach Louise Hughes (KZN South Coast).

What if I told you that you could:

Dramatically lower both insulin and blood sugar (without a drug)
Raise your level of growth hormone (to enhance fat-burning, muscle building and anti-aging),
Improve your leptin response (to better regulate hunger and satiety)
Activate your body’s internal spring cleaning mechanisms (for cellular repair and regeneration)

…. and what if all of these things were known to:

Lower your risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity
Increase your longevity
Boost your BDNF – your brain derived neurotrophic factor, (a substance that increases the growth of new nerve cells in the brain and protects the brain against stress and toxins)


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Are you eating the right amount of fat?

Article written by Paul Magnuson, our Banting Buddies coach in Pretoria.

It all depends on where you are in your Banting journey. Too little fat at the beginning could delay quick and effective fat-adaptation (leaving you feeling tired, hungry, irritable and still craving carbs),  and too much once fat-adapted could stall weight loss. Continue reading for a more detailed explanation and strategy for getting the fat in your diet just right. This information might help you lose those last few kilos, or get off that frustrating plateau. […]

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About stress, how bad it is, and the art of letting it go …

Article written by Sabine Kleissl-Muir, our Banting Buddies coach in Victoria,  Australia.

Let’s face it. The human race would have never survived if our Ancestors had to endure the stress we encounter every day. Our fight or flight response was designed to either combat or run away from a Saber-Toothed Tiger. These days many of us seem to be chased by the tiger 24/7.

Tired from the night before we usually get up too late in the morning – Stress. Your 3 year old throws a hissy fit just because it can – Stress. You get to work – Stress. You have to be “professional” to that one ignorant work colleague – Stress. You eat your lunch too fast, rush to pick up the children, cook, wash, clean up, shower the kids, shower yourself, tuck kids into bed, praying that your husband falls asleep before you tuck yourself into bed. […]

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DIET is an action word

A post from Primal Perks.

The battle against the bulge is one that I have been fighting since I was a child. At times, life’s hurdles made me feel like I was truly fighting a losing battle. Years of fertility treatments, 2 pregnancies, and a hormonal disorder certainly doesn’t bode well for obtaining the slim physique I have always dreamed about. However, my long journey has been an education I wouldn’t want to have missed out on had weight loss and improved health come too easily.  […]

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Want to become a Banting coach?

Are you passionate about the Banting/LCHF lifestyle? Would you like to help others achieve their weight loss goals, and get healthy? This is your chance to be a part of a growing, vibrant community of coaches. We will equip you with the required knowledge, tools and coaching resources, and provide you with on-going support. […]

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Banting on the road (and Nutty Seed Bar recipe)

Article contributed by Starr Lindegger (Botswana-based coach)

I have been travelling a lot these last few weeks, and doing some serious long distances.  Driving from Maun, in Botswana, all the way to Nottingham Road in the Natal Midlands, in South Africa.  We also detoured to visit friends in far off places.  The last thing I wanted was for my Banting lifestyle to go out of the window while travelling.  I therefore took time to carefully plan my Banting snacks for those 8, 9, 10 hour days to keep me awake on the road, and to keep my two young daughters (who were travelling with me), happy. They like to snack on the way – a lot.


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ADHD and sugar – is there a link?

Article contributed by Isabel Busschau (JHB-based Banting Buddies coach)

ADD, ADHD, hyperactivity or learning problems. These conditions are found in many children today. There are different kinds of learning problems. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is most commonly seen as a learning problem, not necessarily accompanied by unruly behavior. It usually means the child has an exceptionally short attention span. Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) is also very common, and usually displays the symptoms of unruly behaviour, and a short attention span. Parents have more questions than answers most of the time. The first questions often asked is, what causes it and whether drugs are the best option, and do they really treat the cause or merely the symptoms? Then there is the concern of all the side effects. […]

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Is SOY really nature’s miracle food?

Article contributed by Karyn Gronn (JHB-based Banting Buddies coach)

If soy is nature’s miracle food, then why are so many vegetarians and health conscious fanatics so sick!!! WHAT is the actual motivation behind this hype, or again have the facts been twisted for profit gains?! Unfermented soy is a very controversial food topic. I believe people have been mislead into believing that it is a health food. The science is inconsistent and contradictory in proving it.


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The amazing benefits of Omega 3

Article contributed by Starr Lindegger (Botswana-based Banting Buddies coach)

Do you suffer from depression? Are you often tired and irritable? Do you look older than your actual age? Are your eyes often dry? Do you have cracked heels?

A deficiency in omega-3 can cause or contribute to the above ailments, as well as more serious mental and physical health problems. The reality is that many people today are omega-3 deficient. Most of us just don’t eat enough oily fish, and if you are a child or a vegetarian/vegan, you are particularly at risk of omega-3 deficiency.


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