How to survive the festive season

Article written by Banting Buddies coach Cornia Vosloo.

This time of the year, everybody seems to be indulging. Soaking up the summer sun, lazing around the pool, sipping on summer cocktails and snacking on pastries. If you follow a low carb lifestyle, this idyllic picture will scare you. How can you also enjoy a great festive season with family and friends, but not be “that person” that says no to everything.

Our first low carb festive season was filled with fear, guilt and plenty of long faces. I don’t think anybody enjoyed the experience and we decided to change our approach. You can’t get away from the festive season with all the food, drinks and endless snacking – so I would like to share my top 5 tips with you on how we survive the festive season. […]

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Diet and acne – is there a connection?

Acne is not a life threatening disease but the discomfort and embarrassment it causes should not be under-estimated. Both teenage and adult sufferers often develop poor self-esteem, depression and social anxiety due to the unsightly and often painful skin lesions. Should those with acne just accept their ‘bad luck’ or is there more that can be done? Standard treatment usually involves topical creams, face washes, antibiotics, birth control pills for women and, sometimes, even stronger medication with the potential for adverse side effects. While these offer symptomatic relief, are they dealing with the root cause?


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Calories AND hormones matter

By Nicky Perks

Two things are required for weight loss – a calorie deficit and hormonal balance. One without the other just does not work. You can cut calories and you might lose some weight, but if your hormones are all over the place you will probably struggle to reach your ideal weight and keep what you have lost from returning with interest.   On the flip side, your hormones could be the picture of perfection – but stuffing your face with too much food (even the healthy variety) will prevent you from losing the flab.


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A review of the Low Carb Creed

By Nicky Perks

Over the December holidays I was able to finish reading the newly released book The Low Carb Creed by Sally-Ann Creed, Merle Westcott and Janita Bold. What a fantastic read. The content is comprehensive and easy to understand. Everything you need to know about eating the low-carb, healthy fat way is contained within the fresh-looking white and green foil cover. […]

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Tips for surviving the festive season


Sadly we can’t help with the bank balance, but we can give you some tips for sticking to the lifestyle.  First of all, always remember that Banting is not a fad diet, but a lifestyle you have chosen because of the health benefits. Diving into the Christmas pudding or drinking a whole bottle of wine is not going to make you feel good.

Leading up to Christmas, eating out or even staying in hotels can sabotage your best efforts to stay on track if you are not prepared. You can still stick to Banting it’s all about what you choose to eat and drink. […]

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Age, hormones and weight loss struggles

Article written by Louise Hughes (Banting Buddies coach –  KZN, South Coast)

Why do we battle more with our weight as we age? Jade Teta, personal trainer and author of The Metabolic Effect Diet has some answers.

During menopause, a woman’s estrogen and progesterone levels decline. These are both anti-stress hormones. Estrogen is also an insulin-sensitizing hormone, and as levels fall, insulin, a fat storage hormone, doesn’t operate as well. With less estrogen and progesterone circulating, a woman’s cortisol level can rise, leading to weight gain around the middle.

For men, a similar effect takes place as they age and experience andropause, which is a collection of symptoms including fatigue and a decrease in libido due to a gradual decline in testosterone. As their testosterone dips, it allows cortisol and insulin to rise, with the result that men’s bodies are not hormonally as well equipped to deal with stress as they were before, and weight creeps up. […]

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How badly do you want to lose weight?

Article written by Louise Hughes (Banting Buddies coach –  KZN, South Coast)

Have you ever asked yourself why you can’t just stick to a diet? Do you sabotage your weight loss efforts or give up the minute you have one small slip up?

Weight loss is as much psychological as it is physical. Often, we know exactly what, how much and when to eat, but following through and staying the course is something many of us battle with.

In Jonny Bowden’s “The Truth about Fat Loss Summit” talks, three experts weighed in on the mental/psychological and in some cases, even spiritual aspects of weight loss and there were a lot of common threads and wonderful pearls of wisdom. Because, as they all pointed out, we are not just physical beings, we are mental and spiritual beings as well, and so in order to succeed with weight loss, as in any area of our lives, we need to get fully on board with it, with every level of our being. […]

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What drives your eating behaviours?

Article written by Paul Magnuson, our Banting Buddies coach in Pretoria.

We often struggle with eating behaviours as much as food choices.

It may be helpful to consider the things that stimulate us to eat as falling broadly into two camps. I will deal with each in turn. This article should help you to identify the reasons why you eat (hungry or not) and once you have figured this out, you will more effectively avoid the reasons that don’t serve you or your weight loss goals.


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Could you not eat for 24 hours?

Article written by Banting Buddies coach Louise Hughes (KZN South Coast).

What if I told you that you could:

Dramatically lower both insulin and blood sugar (without a drug)
Raise your level of growth hormone (to enhance fat-burning, muscle building and anti-aging),
Improve your leptin response (to better regulate hunger and satiety)
Activate your body’s internal spring cleaning mechanisms (for cellular repair and regeneration)

…. and what if all of these things were known to:

Lower your risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity
Increase your longevity
Boost your BDNF – your brain derived neurotrophic factor, (a substance that increases the growth of new nerve cells in the brain and protects the brain against stress and toxins)


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Are you eating the right amount of fat?

Article written by Paul Magnuson, our Banting Buddies coach in Pretoria.

It all depends on where you are in your Banting journey. Too little fat at the beginning could delay quick and effective fat-adaptation (leaving you feeling tired, hungry, irritable and still craving carbs),  and too much once fat-adapted could stall weight loss. Continue reading for a more detailed explanation and strategy for getting the fat in your diet just right. This information might help you lose those last few kilos, or get off that frustrating plateau. […]

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