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Reyhana Thumbran

Photo of Reyhana Thumbran

Contact Details

Eldoraigne, Centurion & Midrand Pretoria Cell Phone: 0795065753 Website: www.reyhanathumbran.com

Why you became a Banting Buddies weight loss coach?

After having personally experienced the incredibly positive health transformation through the Banting lifestyle, I am passionate to see others succeed in living a healthy life.

How have you personally benefited from Banting?

As a mother of three girls, and having had three babies back-to-back, I ended up severely overweight, weighing well over 100 kilograms. But the health wake-up call came when I went to the doctor and was shocked to find that my blood sugar level was at 16.9 mmol/L. This was the turning point where I had the shocking realization that my body is the only place I have to “live” and I had better take care of it. That’s when I started Banting. Within 10 days of being of the LCHF lifestyle, my health was transformed. It was revolutionary. My blood glucose levels dropped to 6.3mmol and my weight down to 78kg! Losing weight was the added bonus. Living healthy has been the greatest reward.

Today I am passionate about sharing my success story with others and to see them lose weight and become healthy again through the LCHF lifestyle. It is also particularly gratifying for me to see diabetics living healthier lives. Your success is my Passion.

Other interests and background info:

I love people and working with them! I’m part of the Global network of ICan Maxwell Leadership Consultants, and have a Masters in Christian Leadership. Together with my husband, Dr Shan Thumbran, I pastor LOGOS Bible Church in Centurion. I run an organization called “Beautiful” where we teach on how you can live life Beautifully, from the inside out, and to live the best life you can today!