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Olga Islamkina

Photo of Olga Islamkina

Contact Details

Kiev, Ukraine Moscow, Russia San Francisco, USA Cell Phone: +79037494949 Website: Cilantro (Russian) Website: Cilantro (English)

Why you became a Banting Buddies weight loss coach?

I’m a health journalist and LCHF-lifestyle advocate. It has been incredible to see how my readers change their lives using the Banting approach. I’ve got so many inspiring stories from people with diabetes, obesity, food disorders, insulin resistance, PCOS and so on. But I also see people struggle with trying to understand what’s right and wrong in dieting. For those who need personal support, I’m happy to provide it.

How have you personally benefited from Banting?

6 years ago I was 8 kg heavier, had migraines, acne, and allergies to cat and coffee. Can you just imagine life without bulletproof coffee and kittens? Yep, that was really sad. One day I decided to start a diet not knowing it’s Banting. But it was great. My headaches disappeared, I felt so energetic that I could do 10 huge interviews a month, I also was able to throw away my allergy pills. One day I realized I was 8 kg lighter and my body was strong and healthy, my skin was clean and bright. Then I came across some article about the LCHF-diet and I said “Wow! This is MY diet! Everybody needs to know about this approach!” That day I become Banting-advocate. Today, I’m a proud young mother who went through pregnancy on LCHF and who breastfeeds staying on LCHF-diet.

Other interests and background info:

I’m a journalist and I used to work in top Russian magazines such as Cosmopolitan and ELLE. One day I fell in love with my interviewee, quit my job and left my country with him. I’m from a doctor’s dynasty and health was always my area of interest. I adored walks with my dad when he explained how anesthesia works or how the heart pumps blood.

After quitting my job I started my own project about health cilantro.ru (Russian language) and cilantro.it (English language) and I’ve been happy to combine medicine and journalism. My motto is Healthy Living is Not What It Seems.