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Michelle Cantlay

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Mkushi Zambia Website: dietinglady.blogspot.com



Why you became a Banting Buddies weight loss coach?

I feel the need to explain to the overweight that the advice they have been given all these years is wrong. It is not them that is the problem but the advice from the experts. Fat is not fattening as long as it is not eaten with sugar and grains.

We have to understand that to regain our health we must go back to real food and realize all the low fat products are part of the problem.

It is not us that have failed, but the diets we have been advised to follow.


How have you personally benefited from Banting?

Since I have started Banting I have found my cravings and binging are in the past. I have found the meals enjoyable and satisfying. I no longer need to cheat.

I am still in the process of losing weight and feel I will be able to keep it off for the first time ever.

I have been dieting and obese since childhood.


Other interests and background info:

 I am an ex Home Economics teacher, now retired. I am originally from the UK. I live on a farm in Zambia. I have 4 children and 12 grandchildren.

I enjoy planning trips and travelling. I enjoy new countries and trying new foods.

I run our farm office and enjoy working with figures.