Our coaches have undergone a comprehensive education process developed by Banting Buddies and Sally-Ann Creed. They are passionate about Banting and many of them have walked their own weight loss journey. Please don’t struggle on your own.  We have dedicated and knowledgable coaches who want to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Give one of them a call today.

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Anna-Mari Koekemoer

Photo of Anna-Mari Koekemoer

Contact Details

Bloemfontein South Africa Cell Phone: 082 335 9487

Why you became a Banting Buddies weight loss coach?

Being a very active person that enjoys running, cycling and aerobics made me realize how important it is to have a healthy lifestyle that will enable me to achieve superb results in sport and life. As the owner of my own pilates studio, it was important for me to help other people to get stronger and for them to maintain a healthy weight. Taking the Banting buddies course equipped me even further to becoming a life style coach.


How have you personally benefited from Banting?

I struggle from intensive heartburn and IBS. Following a LCHF lifestyle I managed to overcome my severe heartburn and have lost a few kilos as well. The amazing part of the LCHF lifestyle is that it is sustainable and what I have lost I have not gained again. LCHF has become a LIFESTYLE and not a diet, the food is delicious and my cravings for sweets are something of the past.


Other interests and background info:

I worked in two large corporate companies over a period of 14 years, but then decided to trade my high heels for gym clothes and opened my own pilates studio. I am a mother of two boys and the rest of my family shares my passion for a healthy and outdoor lifestyle. My overall goal is to position LCHF to become one of the leading lifestyles choices for families in the country.