Are you passionate about the Banting/LCHF lifestyle? Would you like to help others achieve their weight loss goals, and get healthy? This is your chance to be a part of a growing, vibrant community of coaches. We will equip you with the required knowledge, tools and coaching resources, and provide you with on-going support.

BBoriginal_400hObesity is impacting the quality of life of so many people all around the world, and they are desperate for something that will actually work. They need help. They want someone to walk the journey with them. It will be your role as a Banting Buddies coach to provide them with education, personalised support, and encouragement to lose their weight and improve their health. Here’s your chance to join the fight against obesity. Banting Buddies aims to build a network of coaches around the globe, to whom people can go for caring and responsible advice on weight loss.

If you enjoy working with people, have excellent interpersonal skills, and are confident in your ability to run your own business, then this opportunity will allow you to forge a new and rewarding career. Full-time or part-time, the decision is yours.

If you already work in the health or fitness industries, then give serious consideration to adding Banting coaching to your service offering. More and more people are turning daily to this wonderful way of eating for health and weight loss. You could be the one to help them do it effectively and sustainably.

Banting is changing lives. Get involved and become a part of it.

If you reside outside of South Africa and are keen to know more? Please click on this link. All training and mentoring of new coaches is conducted electronically and via Skype. The theoretical and nutrition-based components of our comprehensive programmes have been developed by Sally-Ann Creed (co-author of the Real Meal Revolution, top South African Nutritional Therapist and Functional Medicine practitioner).

Please note: At this time, we are not accepting any further applications for our “Become a coach” programme from South African residents in areas where we already have coaches operating.

Need a Banting coach yourself? If you think you could benefit from getting help from one of our experienced Banting Buddies coaches, you can find a listing and their contact details on our website. Find a coach here.